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We started SMSAPI in 2007 by sending e-commerce SMS notifications however, due to a high interest in the possibility of using our services for marketing purposes, we expanded its functionalities to allow our Customers to independently run their advertisement and information campaigns. Now we are offering to over 45 000 SMSAPI Clients high-quality SMS service along with availability to integrate any system via our developed API.

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Module works with

For work module needs to be configured and you must have login details to SmsApi. Shop must be open for customers even on tests. Also customer phone must have country code at the begining of number (prefix is not rquired). You are able to use variables in order message - exactly like below:

  • {$FIRST} - Customer name.
  • {$LAST} - Customer last name.
  • {$ORDERID} - Id of shop order.
  • {$REFERENCE} - Order reference.
  • {$VALUE} - Total anmount of order without currency.
  • {$MAIL} - Customer email.
  • {$SHOP} - Shop name.
  • {$TRACK} - Tracking number.
  • {$CARRIER} - Carrier name.

Required parameters

- Module requires active SMSAPI account

- Login from 

- Password md5 - Tab Settings API


01-10-2017 First contribution.


PrestaShop 1.5.x Tak
PrestaShop 1.6.x Tak
PrestaShop 1.7.x Tak
Multishop Tak
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